Free Professional Thai Translation of Your App & Game Descriptions on Google Play, Apple App Store.


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When you sell apps on Google Play or Apple App Store your main concern is the same as about any other digital product: how to get more traffic and downloads.

Organic search drives a large volume of traffic, therefore, to improve searchability of your app and to diversify the audience you may localize store listings – add professional SEO optimized translation of app’s title and description.

You may say that Google provides automated machine translations of Store Listings but let’s be honest – machine translation is still far from perfect. When I see Google translated description on Play Market I often cannot make out what it is about.

That being said, using a professional translation service for your description can lead to better search results and discoverability for worldwide users.

For this purpose, we offer FREE English-Thai translation of your game/app description on Play Market (one app per developer), Apple App Store. This includes translation of a Title, and a Description not exceeding 300 words in total.

How can you get free translation?

Basically, you don’t need to pay anything! We only ask you to share this post on Facebook or Twitter.

Then send me a message (via Facebook or Twitter) or Email with the following content:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Briefly describe your app/game
  • Include a link to your app/game on Play Market, Apple App Store
  • Provide a list of keywords used in app/game descriptions (for SEO adaptation in Thai)
  • Include a link to the shared post in your Twitter or Facebook feed

We will review your application and send the translated description when it is ready.


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Why expand to the Thai market?

The Thai language is among top 25 languages in the world with over 60 million native speakers.

Let’s take a look at statistics on mobile games and mobile app. The estimated number of Thai-speaking gamers and users equals to 28 million people40% of Thai gamers spend money on games that leads Thai to the 21st place on all platforms among top countries spending money for games and app.

Taking into account a significant size of the Thai market, you, as an app or game developer, may want to translate your app description (and maybe interface) into Thai.

In addition, thanks to this special offer, you can take an advantage of FREE TRANSLATION of your app description by a professional translator.

Why you offer such services for free?

We can afford to spend my time in exchange for your shares on social networks thus establishing a solid background for possible further cooperation. No string attach!

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