Localization Is a Key Success Factor to Thai market

For Game and App Localization Is a Key Success Factor to Thai market

           Although this is true of almost all non-English speaking countries (except maybe Sweden and the Netherlands), taking into account cultural differences and local trends into account is key when publishing mobile games in the Thai mobile games market. Among other particularities, Thai players are known to stay away from paid games and have strong preference for Free-to-Play titles. They are also known to often switch between different F2P titles. Localization of both the game and its marketing assets (banners, app store collateral) is not an option, as only 27% of the population speaks English. What are you going to do with the rest 73%.

        You have no option but to localize in game graphic. See image for sample.

        In January 2014, seven out of the top 20 iOS games in Thailand came from Western publishers. But all of them localize and translate their games and marketing assets to Thai. We can help you to do the same. Contact us now.


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