The Thai Mobile Games Market Is Not to Be Overlooked

The Thai Mobile Games Market Is Not to Be Overlooked

Although relatively small compared to the bigger Asian countries, the Thai mobile games market is on a steep growth curve. The total revenue from mobile games in Thailand reached $93.5 million in 2014 and should increase up to almost $300 million in 2017. Mobile currently makes up over 40% of all games revenue in Thailand, and this share is due to reach over 60% in 2017.

In 2014 there were 13.8 million mobile players in Thailand out of a smartphone base of 20 million and a total population of 67.1 million. It is worth noting that Vietnam, although benefiting from an overall higher population (89.7 million), has a much lower overall games market share out of all SEA countries (14% vs 21% for Thailand). The mobile penetration in Thailand lies around 130% (as many people have two or three SIM cards), and smartphone penetration is at almost 50%.

In terms of monetization, close to half of Thai mobile players have already spent money in a game (45.6%).

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