Thai translation helps you explore untouched market

Thai translation helps you explore uncharted territories

Situated in East Asia, Thailand is a small Asian nation that is a popular tourist destination. Its native language Thai is spoken by around 60-65 million speakers. So if you are interested in capturing the South East Asian markets, it is essential you go for English to Thai translation.

Thailand is a part of the countries that are known as emerging economies. From 1985 to 1996, the country experienced the highest rate of growth. Today Thailand exports more than $105 billion worth of products and services each year. Its leading exports comprise of Thai rice, fabrics and footwear, fishery yield, rubber, jewelry, cars, computers and electrical appliances. Thailand is the world’s leading exporter of rice. It contributes over 6.5 million tons of powdered rice each year. Other major industries in the country include electrical equipment, parts, computer spares and cars. Tourism also plays an important part as the country has plenty of Buddhist monasteries and beaches. The country also enjoys a high degree of literacy, making it attractive to the companies looking to establish their base in South East Asia. Due to this, they are always looking out for the English to Thai translation agencies to translate their various documents in Thai.

As the number of companies looking to enter Thai market grew, so also the number of companies offering Thai translation services. With the increase in number of such agencies, there started a price war, with each agency trying to undercut its rivals. As a result, the companies could get English to Thai translators at low prices and thus save money. But these agencies couldn’t offer quality services. So those clients who chose price over quality ended up losing their money and their businesses suffered. Hence if you are looking to get a high quality expert English to Thai translation agency, here are some important tips.

Required skills needed to be an expert English to Thai translator:

  • With 15 years of experience. You can rest assured that if any Thai translation agency possessing these certifications is sure to provide you with high quality of translation services.
  • Does the Thai translation company hire native Thai speakers? This is very important factor to consider if you want to error-free translation done.
  • Want to translate a user manual or text in your software or mobile application? If this is the case,  does the translation company have employees experienced in IT field? This is crucial if you are looking to translate the technical terms accurately, which cannot be done by non-technical translators.
  • Do you want the translated document in with CAT Tool? Is the translation agency able to support this format?

So now that you know how to select a right English to Thai translation agency, go ahead and choose one who will give you the best service.

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