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We, Ideotext understand your Thai – English – Chinese localization requirement


Translation agency for professional translations. A Comprehensive translating platform

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*Please note that we only accept business clients

Translation agency that understands your Areas of expertise

Some of our specialties:


For translators, translating medical and pharmaceutical texts is a major challenge, as these texts are among the most demanding documentation on which human lives depend.


Translating legal texts is a very demanding activity that requires the translator to have specific knowledge of legal terminology that varies from country to country.


Properly written and translated financial texts give the impression of the reliability of your business.


The translation of technical texts covers different fields, which require each translator to have certain expertise and appropriate use of terminology.



Nowadays, when tourism is one of the leading industries, tourism companies want to bring their offer as close as possible to as many tourists as possible.


The Thai language is among top 25 languages in the world with over 60 million native speakers.

We are a specialist translation agency that specializes in Thai – English – Chinese language pairs.

We are aware of the importance of the quality of translations as well as fast and effective communication with customers.  For us, your expectations come first!

Our Services and Pricing

LocalizationContent Creation
A high-quality translation intended for professional use (i.e Technical, Medical, Aerospace)Original and unique articles, script, documentation
English – ThaiStart from 0.10 USD/Source wordStart from 15 USD/1000 words
Chinese – ThaiStart from 0.10 USD/Source characterN/A

*Minimum charges apply per volume. For any questions, please contact us.